MISSION AND differentiating feature


Paula Urban is born in 1999, and since then his aim is to create original sandals, with own and exclusive designs and comfort systems for the woman who wants to enjoy the fashion while walking.

Paula Urban does not manufacture for other brands.

Differentiating feature of the brand Paula Urban

Love for the raw material. Always seeking to enrich the leather, filling it with life, by means of the finishing and the quite extraordinary and exclusive flexibility. The manual processes are of vital importance.


The comfort, as a stepping stone to anything else. Our comfort system is called Flot-up System. It pretends to give to the insole the maximum comfort using unique materials which compress, recover and expand step by step. This technology, expands and improves constantly, incorporating the best materials for the insole, combining them for the benefit of the feet with an ergonomic study of every outsole taking care of the heights and the unevenness to obtain the exclusive one: Comfort Paula Urban.


Fashion. Adding all these previously mentioned aspects the result is: Fashion. It’s the last aim, the one which has to summarize and reflect all the efforts and previous steps in order to consolidate the concept: Paula Urban Fashion. It’s at this point where we are working with the last trends translating the proposals into the woman Paula Urban. This kind of women, who always thinks about vitality, in dynamism but without giving up the comfort. For this reason Paula Urban works with the best designers who contribute every season with freshness that needs every collection.



In Spain Paula Urban is leader in the sale of leather sandals for several seasons. Source (www.sectorshoes.com). However the designs and Paula Urban's comfort, have not gone unnoticed by the international markets, included countries with a long footwear tradition, as is the case of Italy or France, where Paula Urban is sold in more than 300 points of sale. Paula Urban is also enjoyed by women in countries like Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, England, Germany, Russia, Austria, New Zealand or Australia.




Paula Urban has developed a unique work system that is the main difference with regard to our competitors: Each and every of our models are designed and manufactured in our own facilities where the layouts and the originals are created, and where the whole production takes place. The vertically integration of all these processes, though it needs much more dedication, also guarantees a follow-up of all processes which result in "an authentic Paula Urban ". Consequently one of the competitive advantages of our company is the production capacity in full season, thus we can offer short- deliveries, really fast, being a benefit for our customers.





Our references to the three elements, water, earth and fire are constant regarding the inspiration Paula Urban, as we believe that they hide all the secrets that a Mediterranean brand may have. To be inspired by them guarantees a close merger with the values which makes women all over the world fall in love such as: light, comfort, freshness and natural beauty.



Each person who joins the project Paula Urban is trained in the values which we consider fundamental as:


- the self-criticism, is the capacity to evaluate our work, to accept our mistakes this giving us the choice to make it better and to develop as person and as brand.

- apprenticeship. We think that we can learn something new every day and the training and the constant recycling is the most important.


-responsibility with the environment and with our customers

Developing a company’s project as Paula Urban bears a great responsibility. Firstly with our customers, who rely in our models as a reference in fashion and comfort; secondly with our environment, that’s why Paula Urban refuses the use of chemical treatments which could damage the environment; and finally with ourselves. We can only achieve the true happiness with the pleasure of a well done work.    

At last the real values of a brand match with those of the persons who work for that brand. It is therefore important not to forget them and if necessary correct them.


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