SSL Certificate

SSL certificates an effective way to make you rely on security to make purchases on, gaining this advantage by giving you more confidence and security.


What is an SSL Certificate?

The acronym SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) stands for "Secure Sockets Layer", it is the way we can secure our website and your confidential data, such as customer names, your contact or residence details, as well as your credit card details.

With the SSL Certificate, a secure connection is created between the company's server and the browser from which clients access to it. That is why this certificate is nowadays an essential element for websites that offer and market both goods or services.

With SSL it is guaranteed that the information given and handled by the web is secure and completely private.


Advantages of the SSL Certificate

The first advantage is evident in its main objective, which is to keep the information we manage on our website protected. In this way, the data of our clients will be protected and will travel encrypted through the network.